Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The correct site is ODEO. If anyone is looking for me, that's where I will be.

The end of 23 Things and the Beginning of Learning

This has been quite an experience for me. I truly enjoyed this experience and at first, I was convinced that I wouldn't. I especially liked the way Jennifer sent the assigments each week. I know that we could just go to the site and get the information, but she kept me on track until the last week. I was disappointed because I found out that there would be no MP3 Player(smile) as my reward. But life goes on. The last assignment stumped me and I have been trying to do it for (2) weeks now. I wanted to make my own podcast and tried the OPEO site. I think that's how it is spelled. But, I couldn't conquer that one, but I intend on trying again. I really did get into the whole 23 Things thing. I plan to go back to my blog and add on and revisit the sites that I have registered for. Thank you, Jennifer for all your help.